The MiningSoft project is completely dedicated to cryptocurrencies, mining and blockchain technology. Each publication is written by Matthew Wood and reviewed by Anton Sastrptsin.

MiningSoft.org is a multilingual media platform with the widest coverage in the field of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We report on all important events in the digital currency markets and provide our readers with critical, independent and expert information.

Since the founding of MiningSoft.org in early 2021, the most important goal of the MiningSoft.org editorial team has been to raise awareness of the potential as well as the pitfalls of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology they are based on. Accordingly, we work not only for experts, but also offer an introduction to the topic of cryptography to all those who are just gaining their first experience in the crypto world.

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About the author

Matthew Wood has 5 years of experience in the investment industry as a global equity portfolio manager and analyst, devoting much of his time to the crypto and technology sectors.

In 2021, he launched MiningSoft, the most ambitious cryptocurrency technology, investment and software analysis project.

Matthew has been the Editor-in-Chief of MiningSoft since 2021.

He is an award-winning media executive with over 20 years of digital publishing and documentary experience. Matthew serves on the Board of Governors and Executive Committee of SABEW (Society for Business Development, Editing and Writing) and his awards include Peabody, EPPY, SABEW Best in Business and two Emmy nominations.

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Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood

Blockchain developer and crypto trader