Wildrig Multi Miner: Download, Commands, Configs (0.40.5)

Multi Amd Gpu Miner: Setup for KawPow, algorithms, Intensity, NiceHash.

In this guide, you will learn how to set up and use Wildrig 0.40.5 for mining with the KawPow algorithm.

Download for Windows / Linux

Download releases from GitHub

Download releases from BitcoinTalk


Wildrig - is a cryptocurrency mining software that supports a large number of algorithms, including the less popular mining algorithms. Works with AMD starting with R200 series and Nvidia.

Supported algorithms

Symbol Algorithm name
a aergo, anime
b bcd, bitcore, blake2b-btcc, blake2b-glt, blake2s, blake3, bmw512
c c11, curvehash
d dedal
e evrprogpow
f firopow
g geek, ghostrider, glt-astralhash, glt-globalhash, glt-jeonghash, glt-padihash, glt-pawelhash
h heavyhash, hex, hmq1725
k kawpow
l lyra2tdc, lyra2v2, lyra2v3, lyra2vc0ban
m megabtx, memehash
n nexapow, nist5
p phi, phi5, progpowz, progpow-ethercore, progpow-sero, progpow-veil
q quark, quibit
r rwahash
s sha256, sha256csm, sha256d, sha256q, sha256t, sha512256d, shandwich256, skein2, skunkhash, skydoge
t timetravel, tribus
v vprogpow
x x11, x11k, x12, x13, x14, x15, x16r, x16rv2, x16rt, x16s, x17, x18, x20r, x21s, x22i, x25x, x33, xevan

Supported devices


Generation Graphics Cards
GCN 2nd Radeon R7 260, R9 290, R9 295X2, R7 360, R9 390
GCN 3rd Radeon R9 285, R9 380, R9 Fury, R9 Nano
GCN 4th Radeon RX 460, RX 470, RX 480, RX 550, RX 560, RX 570, RX 580, RX 590
GCN 5th Radeon Vega 56, Vega 64, Vega FE, Radeon VII
RDNA 1st Radeon RX 5500, RX 5600, RX 5700
RDNA 2nd Radeon RX 6500, RX 6600, RX 6700, RX 6750, RX 6800, RX 6900, RX 6950
RDNA 3rd Radeon RX 7600, RX 7700, RX 7800, RX 7900


Nvidia: Supported all GPUs with compute capabilities >= 5.0 should run with drivers 452.39+ on Windows and 450.80.02+ on Linux.


Category Models
Intel Arc A310, A350M, A370M, A380, A530M, A550M, A570M, A580, A730M, A750, A770M, A770
Intel Arc Pro A30M, A40/A50, A60M, A60
Intel Data Center GPU Flex 140, Flex 170

How to use Wildrig

Step 1 - Download the miner

Download Wildrig, unpack it into a separate folder and find start.bat. Wildrig download

Configure a batch file for KawPow

Be sure to replace it YOUR_ADDRESS with your wallet address. RIG_ID replace with your own farm name. You can name the farm whatever you like, but the name must contain only Latin letters and symbols "-" and "_". The wallet must match the cryptocurrency you are mining

Here is an example Wildrig .bat file for a Beepool (Ravencoin):

wildrig.exe --print-full --algo kawpow --url stratum+tcp://rvn-pool.beepool.org:9531 --worker RIG_ID --user RKAeArXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX --pass x

Step 3 - Launch Wildrig

Save this batch file and then click start.bat to start mining.

Video Guide

Config example for Firo (Zcoin)

STRATUM: stratum+tcp://xzc.2miners.com
PORT: 8080
Username (wallet): aMLjCeLBmBGEJP6dYtWEMdZZuPH4w6uFsK
Password: x

This is how the WildRig batch file for Firo (Zcoin):

wildrig.exe --print-full --algo mtp --url stratum+tcp://xzc.2miners.com:8080 --worker RIG_ID --user aMLjCeLBmBGEJP6dYtWEMdZZuPH4w6uFsK --pass x

This is how the WildRig batch file for Ravencoin on the Beepool will look like:

batch file Wildrig

To configure a batch file for KAWPOW, we need to enter 5 commands one by one:

batch file Wildrig

  1. wildrig.exe - the name of the launched file
  2. kawpow - algorithm for mining
  3. rvn-pool.beepool.org:9531 - pool address and por
  4. RKAeArXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX - the wallet that will be used for mining.

Setup for NiceHash

Here is a batch file for NiceHesh:

wildrig.exe --print-full --algo kawpow --url stratum+tcp://kawpow.eu-west.nicehash.com:3385 --worker RIG_ID --user 3LZhp4g3m7YWqR4hAPrZsKWbyo7hRBmqvy --pass x


--algo or a short synonym for this command -a - Selects the mining algorithm.

Important! Use either a long synonym --algo or a short one -a. You do not need to use this and that together.

Further commands will be separated by commas. First a short synonym, and then long. Remember to use only one variation.

-h, --help - display help information and exit

-v, --version - Display version and exit.

-c, --config \<config file path> - Use config in JSON format instead of batch file (CMD file).







  • implemented firopow
  • implemented mike
  • implemented support for future DAG reduction of progpow-veil
  • implemented background compilation of progpow kernels
  • fixed support gfx1034(Radeon 6500XT)
  • up to 10% faster curvehash


  • support curvehash on nvidia gpu’s.
  • slight speedup of curvehash for Polaris/Vega gpu’s.



  • improved heavyhash for AMD Polaris(~1.5%), Vega(~10%), RDNA/RDNA2(~3-4%);
  • implemented correct message of unsupported iGPU’s on newer AMD drivers(21.5.2+);
  • implemented parameter --watchdog-script;
  • fixed monitoring AMD gpu’s temperature/power/fan under Linux, and RDNA/RDNA2 on Windows.


  • improved heavyhash up to 10% on RDNA/RDNA2 gpu’s with less power consumption.
  • fixed power jumps on NVIDIA gpu’s.


  • added default parameters for CMP 40/50/70/90/170 HX and RTX A4500/5000/6000.
  • improved heavyhash by ~80% (NVIDIA Pascal/Turing/Ampere) and 20%(AMD RDNA2).
  • dev-fee set to 2% on heavyhash for nvidia rig.

0.30.6 beta

  • one more round of heavyhash optimizations(up to 10% on some cards).
  • fixed duplicate nvidia gpu’s on some systems.

0.30.3 beta

  • fixed broken 5500/5600/5700 support(introduced in 0.30.2)
  • implemented heavyhash(nvidia gpu’s need some further optimizations)

0.30.2 beta

  • support ssl
  • slightly faster ghostrider(1-2%)

0.30.1 beta

  • fixed rejects on ghostrider;
  • lowered devfee to 1% on ghostrider;
  • now should support gfx803(RX550 cards on newest drivers).

0.30.0 beta

  • fixed support different drivers for RDNA/RDNA2 gpu’s;
  • implemented ghostrider;
  • hints: Polaris and Vega gpu’s can boost from --opencl-threads 2 parameter and higher intensity(like --opencl-launch 2048). Just consider available memory on your gpu. 2048 will use 4Gb + a bit more, so 4Gb won’t work. Try lower values like 1792 or 1920

0.29.0 beta

  • implemented support of AMD RDNA 2 gpu’s(6x00 series)
  • fixed support new AMD drivers



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