CpuMiner 3.22.3: Download, Config, Commands [2023]

CpuMiner: Setting for Dogecoin, algorithms and bat file example.

In this guide, you will learn how to set up and use the Cpuminer-Opt (cpuminer-gr) mining software for cryptocurrency mining.

Download for Windows / Linux

What is a cpu CpuMiner

CpuMiner - is a program for mining cryptocurrencies on a processor. The program supports over 90 mining algorithms.

CpuMiner is open source software. This means that everyone can see what it does in the system, as well as contribute to the development.

This software was developed by several developers: “TPruvot”, “JayDDee” and “Rplant”. However, this program was originally invented by users with the nicknames “Lucasjones” and “Pooler”.

How To Use Cpu Miner

Step 1 - Download the miner

The first step is to download the software from this link. cpuminer download Here is the release for Windows. If you are looking for a version for Linux - go back to the top of the article and open other authors of the program.

Step 2 - Set up a batch file for Dogecoin

The second step is to set up a baht file for mining a specific cryptocurrency. Here is an example of a CpuMiner .bat file for a tbdice pool:

cpuminer-sse2.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://tbdice.org:13333 -u DKs5E8nWJe2E5vYnVSoYqNjw2T17nGYUDo.0 

Step 3 - Launch CpuMiner

The third step is to double click on the created or edited baht file. This will launch the program.

Video Guide (turn on subtitles)

Mine on a processor? Read about setting up Xmrig miner and SRBMiner.

Instructions for Cpuminer-opt - set up a miner for mining cryptocurrencies on a cpu


Cpuminer-opt setup for Windows - JayDDee

Running on Windows 10 computer. Shown is mining the power2b currency with the following command line:

cpuminer-aes-sse42.exe -a power2b -o stratum+tcp://power2b.eu.mine.zergpool.com:7445 -u 0x3aa3e06C47caDEf96202D378aB7C407CF46A36A4 -p c=ETH

Used is zergpool for converting directly to ETH. All the mined coins are transferred directly to ETH wallet:
If you want to donate or support, simply mine for some seconds some blocks with the command line above, during your tests. Every bit helps.

Config example for Dogecoin

STRATUM: stratum+tcp://dogeminingpool.com
PORT: 3009
Username (wallet): DKs5E8nWJe2E5vYnVSoYqNjw2T17nGYUDo
Password: x

This is how the ready-made bat file example CpuMiner for Dogecoin will look on the dogeminingpool:

bat file example 1 CpuMiner

Just replace DKs5E8nWJe2E5vYnVSoYqNjw2T17nGYUDo with your own Dogecoin wallet address.


cpuminer-sse2.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://dogeminingpool.com:3009 -u DKs5E8nWJe2E5vYnVSoYqNjw2T17nGYUDo.0 pause

If you want to understand how to set up everything from scratch, then you need to enter 5 commands one by one:

bat file example 2 CpuMiner

  1. cpuminer-sse2.exe - the name of the program we run
  2. scrypt - algorithm for mining
  3. dogeminingpool.com - pool address
  4. 3009 - pool port
  5. DKs5E8nWJe2E5vYnVSoYqNjw2T17nGYUDo - the address of the wallet for mining on the exchange.

To set up a batch file for solo mining, we need to run the wallet in server mode with port 9999 and enter other commands:

cpuminer-sse2.exe -a scrypt -o --coinbase-addr DKs5E8nWJe2E5vYnVSoYqNjw2T17nGYUDo 

Here we added --coinbase-addr - used for solo mining.

You can try adding the rpc resolving IP to create .conf file To allow connections only from your local network, you can specify your subnet in the rpcconnect parameter. You also need to specify the internal IP address of the machine you are connecting the miner to in rpcconnect. Then start the wallet in server mode and use the wallet IP, rpcuser, rpcpassword and rpcport in the miner config file.

Setup for NiceHash

Here is a batch file for NiceHesh:

cpuminer-sse2.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://scrypt.eu-west.nicehash.com:3333 -u 3HHG3zpxP4AmbKDR9iRy1c2bqAb4WKhNwm.0 

CpuMiner for Litecoin on Windows 10 (subtitles)


How To CPU Mine Ravencoin Lite (New Coin)

In this video we are going to step by step set up and CPU mine Ravencoin LITE in Windows:


  allium        Garlicoin (GRLC)
  anime         Animecoin (ANI)
  argon2        Argon2 Coin (AR2)
  argon2d500    argon2d-dyn, Dynamic (DYN)
  argon2d4096   argon2d-uis, Unitus (UIS)
  axiom         Shabal-256 MemoHash
  blake         blake256r14 (SFR)
  blake2b       Blake2b 256
  blake2s       Blake-2 S
  blakecoin     blake256r8
  bmw           BMW 256
  bmw512        BMW 512
  c11           Chaincoin
  decred        Blake256r14dcr
  deep          Deepcoin (DCN)
  dmd-gr        Diamond
  groestl       Groestl coin
  hex           x16r-hex
  hmq1725       Espers
  hodl          Hodlcoin
  jha           jackppot (Jackpotcoin)
  keccak        Maxcoin
  keccakc       Creative Coin
  lbry          LBC, LBRY Credits
  lyra2h        Hppcoin
  lyra2re       lyra2
  lyra2rev2     lyrav2
  lyra2rev3     lyrav2v3
  lyra2z330     Lyra2 330 rows
  m7m           Magi (XMG)
  myr-gr        Myriad-Groestl
  minotaur      Ringcoin (RNG)
  neoscrypt     NeoScrypt(128, 2, 1)
  nist5         Nist5
  pentablake    5 x blake512
  phi1612       phi
  power2b       MicroBitcoin (MBC)
  quark         Quark
  qubit         Qubit
  scrypt        scrypt(1024, 1, 1) (default)
  scrypt:N      scrypt(N, 1, 1)
  sha256d       Double SHA-256
  sha256q       Quad SHA-256, Pyrite (PYE)
  sha256t       Triple SHA-256, Onecoin (OC)
  sha3d         Double Keccak256 (BSHA3)
  shavite3      Shavite3
  skein         Skein+Sha (Skeincoin)
  skein2        Double Skein (Woodcoin)
  skunk         Signatum (SIGT)
  sonoa         Sono
  timetravel    timeravel8, Machinecoin (MAC)
  timetravel10  Bitcore (BTX)
  tribus        Denarius (DNR)
  vanilla       blake256r8vnl (VCash)
  x11           Dash
  x11evo        Revolvercoin (XRE)
  x11gost       sib (SibCoin)
  x12           Galaxie Cash (GCH)
  x13           X13
  x13bcd        bcd 
  x13sm3        hsr (Hshare)
  x14           X14
  x15           X15
  x16rt         Gincoin (GIN)
  x16rt-veil    Veil (VEIL)
  xevan         Bitsend (BSD)
  yescrypt      Globalboost-Y (BSTY)
  yescryptr8    BitZeny (ZNY)
  yescryptr8g   Koto (KOTO)
  yescryptr16   Eli
  yescryptr32   WAVI
  yespower      Cryply
  yespowerr16   Yenten (YTN)
  yespower-b2b  generic yespower + blake2b
  zr5           Ziftr


--algo or a short synonym for this command -a - Selects the mining algorithm.

Important! Use either a long synonym --algo or a short one -a. You do not need to use this and that together.

Further commands will be separated by commas. First a short synonym, and then long. Remember to use only one variation.

-h, --help - display help information and exit

-v, --version - Display version and exit

-c, --config \<config file path> - Use config in JSON format instead of batch file (CMD file).

To launch cpuminer-sse2.exe from the config.txt configuration file, enter in the console: cpuminer-sse2.exe -c config.txt

Use the file config_example as a starting point to create your own configuration.

Configuring Raptoreum solo for avx2 processor

@setlocal enableextensions
@cd /d "%~dp0"
cpuminer-avx2.exe -a GR -o stratum+tcp://pool.solopools.net:7073 -u wallet_address.worker_name -p c=RTM,m=solo -y -t 16 -d 1.25%
timeout 5 > NUL
goto loop



CPU mining:

cpuminer-gr is a fork of cpuminer-opt from developer JD Dee, which is a fork of cpuminer-multi with optimizations imported from other miners.

GPU mining:

Flash bios program:

Cpuminer-opt 3.19.2 [Microsoft Windows 10] - JayDDee
cpuminer-opt running on Microsoft Windows 10 computer. Shown is mining the power2b currency with the following command line:cpuminer-aes-sse4...



  • Faster SALSA SIMD shuffle for yespower, yescrypt & scryptn2.
  • Fixed a couple of compiler warnings with gcc-12.





  • stratum+ssl, in addition to stratum+tcps, is now recognized as a valid url protocol specifier for requesting a secure stratum connection.
  • The full url, including the protocol, is now displayed in the stratum connect log and the periodic summary log.
  • Small optimizations to Cubehash, AVX2 & AVX512.
  • Byte order and prehash optimizations for blake256 & blake512, AVX2 & AVX512.






Fix verthash memory allocation for non-hugepages, broken in v3.19.3.

New option stratum-keepalive prevents stratum timeouts when no shares are submitted for several minutes due to high difficulty.

Fixed a bug displaying optimizations for some algos.


  • Linux: Faster verthash (+25%), scryptn2 (+2%) when huge pages are available.
  • Small speed up for Hamsi AVX2 & AVX512, Keccak AVX512.


  • Fixed log displaying incorrect memory usage for scrypt, broken in v3.19.1.
  • Reduce log noise when replies to submitted shares are lost due to stratum errors.
  • Fugue prehash optimization for X16r family AVX2 & AVX512.
  • Small speed improvement for Hamsi AVX2 & AVX512.
  • Win: With CPU groups enabled the number of CPUs displayed in the ASCII art affinity map is the number of CPUs in a CPU group, was number of CPUs up to 64.


  • builds for CPUs with AVX or lower have CPU groups disabled,
  • zen3 build renamed to avx2-sha-vaes to support Alderlake as well as Zen3,
  • zen build renamed to avx2-sha, supports Zen1 & Zen2,
  • avx512-sha build removed, Rocketlake CPUs can use avx512-sha-vaes,
  • see README.txt for compatibility details.
  • Fixed a few compiler warnings that are new in GCC 11.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • PR#346: Fixed incorrect CPU affinity on Windows built for CPU groups,
  • added support for CPU affinity for up to 256 threads or CPUs,
  • streamlined code for more efficient initialization of miner threads,
  • precise affining of each miner thread to a specific CPU,
  • added an option to disable CPU affinity with --cpu-affinity 0


Issue #342, fixed Groestl AES on Windows, broken in v3.18.0.

AVX512 for sha256d.

SSE42 and AVX may now be displayed as mining features at startup. This is hard coded for each algo, and is only implemented for scrypt at this time as it is the only algo with significant performance differences with those features.

Fixed an issue where a high hashrate algo could cause excessive invalid hash rate log reports when starting up in benchmark mode.


More speed for scrypt:

  • additional scryptn2 optimizations for all CPU architectures,
  • AVX2 is now used by default on CPUS with SHA but not AVX512,
  • scrypt:1024 performance lost in v3.18.0 is restored,
  • AVX512 & AVX2 improvements to scrypt:1024.
  • Big speedup for SwiFFTx AVX2 & SSE4.1: x22i +55%, x25x +22%.

Issue #337: fixed a problem that could display negative stats values in the first summary report if the report was forced prematurely due to a stratum diff change. The stats will still be invalid but should display zeros.


Complete rewrite of Scrypt code, optimized for large N factor (scryptn2).



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