Atikmdag-Patcher (AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher) 1.4.10: Download, How To Use (Settings)

Ati Dag Patcher: Download from official site, GitHub, Configure for Windows.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up and use the latest Atikmdag Patcher 1.4.12 and newer.

Download for Windows/Linux

Download from the official source Download from the official forum

What is Atikmdag Patcher

AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher - is a software for modifying the AMD/ATI video driver. It provides high resolution and refresh rate, removes the 165 MHz pixel clock limit for single link DVI and HDMI, 330 MHz for dual link DVI and 400 MHz.

Atikmdag patcher allows you to cancel the signature verification of video drivers for graphics editors running on AMD or ATI chipsets. Allows you to provide increased resolution with frequencies. Also, it can be used to remove restrictions on clock frequencies. Allows you to correct the work of the video driver after an unauthorized update of the video card. Additionally, overclocking restrictions are removed. Can cure error "43". The utility is able to independently find driver restrictions and remove them.

How to use Atikmdag Patcher

Step 1 - Download software

We go to the official site with releases and press the "Download" button. The download will start in 10 seconds. Or download the archive from the official forum. Extract the archive to any convenient folder. atikmdag download

Step 2 - Run the program

Run downloaded atikmdag-patcher.exe.

If all video card limits are found, click "Yes" to correct and sign. If no limits are found or multiple matches are found, the patcher must be updated to the latest version.

If an error occurs, it is sufficient to reinstall the GPU driver.


Step 3 - Restart your computer

After completing these procedures, you will see a window that says "Driver successfully patched and signed." Now you need to restart your computer.

atikmdag success

Video Guide

Error “43”

Quite often the “43” error appears on the video card. She reports problems. If you need to patch the video card driver, then you need to use the Atikmdag patcher. Then follow the simple steps:

  1. Download the program and unzip it.
  2. Run as administrator.
  3. In the window that appears, click “yes”.
  4. After completing the operation, confirm the action. Next, you need to reboot the system. If the message with Code 43 does not appear, then the problem is closed. Otherwise, you need to reinstall the driver or the operating system itself. We also recommend checking the equipment itself. When mining, it overheats or the riser has problems.
Video: How to Fix AMD Radeon Graphics Error 43 on Windows 10

How to restore an old driver version

To restore an unpatched driver, run the patcher again and click “Yes” to restore from a backup.

After completing the procedure, you can install a more frequent update using the program to customize the video card in more detail.


The program is compatible with Catalyst 15.12 - Crimson 18.2.3 driver. It can be used in future versions if it finds the settings you want.


The patcher doesn’t require much. It is suitable for Windows starting from the Vista series and all subsequent versions, up to the latest “ten”. Graphics editor from AMD / ATI should be 5000 series and newer.

With R9 cards from 285 to 295X2, it becomes possible to better handle frequencies with an increased resolution without using CrossFire.


Each version is capable of working with a specific driver package, like this:

  • 4.7 will fit the series up to 20.5.1.
  • 4.8 is coming up to 20.5.1 and newer.
  • 4.9 will approach Catalist 11.9 and Adrenaline 20.12.2.

The program is not working? Solutions

If Atikmdag patcher does not start, then remove the patcher and download again. The file may have been corrupted during the download. Download only from trusted sources.

Atikmdag sys: blue screen of death

Video: Fix system thread exception not handled

Quite often, an error is displayed on a blue screen Atikmdag sysas a result of incorrect installation of drivers. Its damage is also often to blame. The problem occurs on AMD and ATI Radeon graphics cards. Most often, it is enough to reinstall the drivers or update them to get rid of the problem. However, this does not always help.

Code 0x0000003

This code indicates a completely different problem. Most likely there was a conflict when working with the video driver Win32K. The problem is not difficult to fix. Just download the correct version of the patch. When installing the video driver, be sure to run the program update to automatic mode.

File replacement

When a new version of the program is launched, the old file is sent to System32\drivers. The result is the use of the operating system of the old program. Windows does not use the new one. The result is a blue screen of death (BSOD).

Video: Blue screen error atikmpag.sys/atikmdag.sys Complete FIX

To get rid of the problem, you need to replace the file, following the instructions:

  1. Head to the operating system section. This location is often the hard drive “C”.
  2. Navigate to the folder address System32\drivers.
  3. Find atikmdag.
  4. Give it an extension .sys.old.
  5. Go to your hard drive C.
  6. Open the folder ATI.
  7. Find sys.
  8. Transfer to your desktop.
  9. Open a command prompt via start.
  10. Enter chdir Desktop, confirm your entry.
  11. Enter the command Expand.exe atikmdag.sy_
  12. Copy the new file on your desktop and send it to your drivers folder.
  13. Reboot your system.

As a result of these actions, the problem should be completely eliminated. If this did not happen, the update of the video drivers did not help, we recommend that you check the hardware itself.

Version history

Updated for 21.9.1/21.9.2. Fixed CrossFire limit.

Updated for 21.6.1-21.7.2. Fixed Radeon Software issues.

Updated for 21.4.1.

1.4.9 Version 1.4.9 is new. It can work with Catalyst 11.9 as well as Adrenalin 20.12.2. It will also work for the following GPU models if it can find the limitations you need.

1.4.8 The program will be able to work with video drivers from 20.5.1, where the file has already been named amdkmdag.sys. It will ensure it works properly. There should be no errors in use.

1.4.7 Can be used when installing drivers not higher than version 20.5.1. Also capable of supporting SL-DVI / HDMI limitation.



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