Bminer 16.4.11: Download and Setup (LHR) for mining

Bminer: how to set up and run with LHR unlock.

This guide describes how to start and how to use the latest version of Bminer v16.4.11 and higher.

Download for Windows / Linux

Download from site
Download from BitcoinTalk

What is Bminer?

Bminer – is a miner with support for many hashing algorithms. It works on both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. The developer’s commission ranges from 0.65% to 2%, depending on the mining algorithm. The software supports mining in dual mining mode.


The last time the miner was updated was in 2021. The Bminer project is “dead” despite the fact that it can still mine some coins.

Use alternative miners.


CPU mining:

Flash bios program:



How to set up Bminer

Step 1 - Download the miner

Download miner from official sources:

  1. Go to the site. Find the "Releases" table:


  2. Download the most recent version from the top of the spreadsheet for Windows 10.
  3. Unpack the downloaded archive.


Step 2 - Configure Bminer

After unpacking the archive, you need to create the .bat files.


In the same folder as bminer.exe, you need to create or edit an existing file with the extension .bat.

Just create any .txt file and give it the extension .bat.

Open the .bat file with Notepad. Below is a sample configuration for the 2miners Pool. You need to enter the following commands into it:

bminer.exe -uri raven://[email protected]:6060	

Replace RKzUGLFtdMUQgCstmufnWamA5RwN74yHU8 with your Ravencoin wallet address.

Step 3 - Run the miner

It remains only to run the program.

Important note! You don't run bminer.exe. Instead, you click on the file you just created with the extension .bat.

So, after starting the program for a few minutes, you will see a window with a hashrate:


Video guide

Setting up a batch file for Nicehash


  1. 3P7qADz69quhfyK5e9kvfno6Jyjq4Rcocx - we indicate the crypto wallet from the NiceHash account.
  2. - we indicate the address of the mining pool.
  3. 3353 - we specify the port of the pool.



bminer -uri ethstratum://

Source: - настройка Bminer.


BMiner - +25% Performance Increase

Testing the new Bminer with my Windows GTX1080Ti rig and sharing the performance with you when mining Grin. Wow it's a huge performance increase!


How to Mine Ethereum on Windows 10 - 2021 Guide

In this video:

  1. 00:00 - Introduction
  2. 00:24 - Downloading a chromium based browser
  3. 01:05 - Downloading MetaMask wallet
  4. 06:56 - Downloading lolMiner
  5. 09:08 - Configuring the miner
  6. 14:02 - Starting mining
  7. 14:14 - Understanding WTF is going on
  8. 14:54 - Calculating potential profit
  9. 15:32 - Confirming that's mining
  10. 17:54 - Setting payment threshold
  11. 19:49 - Turning your crypto into fiat money (In case you still don't understand that the State is a mistake)
  12. 20:42 - Hard Wallet recommendation


Algorithms and hashrate

Algorithm / GPU 2080 Ti 2070 2060 2080 1080 Ti P102 1070 P104 1060 RX4xx/5xx VEGA56
Grin(Cuckatoo32) (G/s) 0.98 0.53 0.42 0.70 0.65 0.62 0.43 0.41 0.24
Grin(Cuckatoo31) (G/s) 2.94 1.39 N/A 1.65 1.67 1.37 1.00 1.15 N/A
Grin(cuckaroo29z) (G/s) 7.96 5.03 3.80 5.24 4.84 4.73 2.95 3.27 2.01
Aeternity(Cuckoo29) (G/s) 13.2 8.05 6.57 9.48 9.17 8.53 5.7 6.26 3.91
BeamHashIII(Sol/s) 40.1 23.6 19.5 27.6 23.7 23.9 17.1 18.3 11.6
Ethereum(Ethash) (MH/s) 51.8 37.8 28.6 38.26 48.5 46.96 29.8 38.1 24.0 30 47
BTG(Equihash144,5) (Sol/s) 84.96 47.36 42.53 62.32 59.44 57.18 37.77 41.46 24.19
SERO (MH/S) 35.27 18.79 16.35 25.17 22.58 24.32 13.46 16.32 10.27
Raven(kawpow) (MH/S) 35.71 20.20 17.52 26.09 22.51 23.98 13.18 16.38 10.38
Qitmeer (G/s) 8.32 5.18 3.96 5.74 5.22 4.95 3.34 3.56 2.18

Commands and options

-api <host>:<port>
	The endpoint (i.e., <host>:<port>) that bminer serves its REST API. The REST API is disabled if it is unspecified.
-devices GPUs
	List of GPUs that Bminer should run on. By default bminer runs on all GPUs available on the system.
-dual-intensity int
	The intensity of the secondary mining. Valid values are 0 to 300. Default is -1, which is to tune automatically. (default -1)
-dual-subsolver int
	The sub-solver for dual mining. Valid values are 0, 1, 2, 3. Default is -1, which is to tune automatically. (default -1)
-ethash-lhr int
	Hash rate percentage for Nvidia LHR GPUs; must be between 50 and 68
-failover sameHost|immediateNext|random
	Fail-over strategy between multiple pools. Bminer can retry the connection, failover to the next pool or a pool that is randomly chosen in the lists of available pools. (sameHost|immediateNext|random) (default "immediateNext")
-fast int
	Enable agressive optimizations (from 0-5). Too aggressive optimization might result in crashes due to OS / hardware issues. (default 1)
-gpucheck uint
	The interval in seconds that Bminer polls whether the GPUs have hung. Set to 0 to disable the checks. (default 90)
-intensity int
	The intensity of the CPU for grin/AE mining. Valid values are 0 to 12. Default is 6. Higher intensity may give better performance but more CPU usage. (default -1)
-logfile <path>
	Append the logs to the file <path>.
-max-network-failures int
	Number of consecutive attempts that Bminer tries to recover from network failures. Set to -1 to keep on recovering. (default -1)
-max-temperature int
	Hard limits of the temperature of the GPUs. Bminer slows down itself when the temperautres of the devices exceed the limit. (default 85)
	Disable runtime information collection for Bminer.
	Suppress timestamps in the logging messages.
	Disable the devfee but it also disables some optimizations.
-pers string
	Personalization string for equihash 144,5 based coins. Default: BgoldPoW. Valid values include BitcoinZ, Safecoin, ZelProof, etc. (default "BgoldPoW")
-share-check uint
	The interval of seconds that Bminer polls to ensure there are accepted shares. Set to 0 to disable the checks. (default 900)
	Verify the certificates of servers when connecting to a SSL-enabled Stratum server.
-syslog-level string
	Enable syslog if level set, supported levels: CRIT/ERR/WARNING/INFO.
-uri <scheme>://<username>[:<password>]@<host>:<port>
	A comma-seperated list of URIs that bminer should mine towards. It has the format of <scheme>://<username>[:<password>]@<host>:<port>. Please refer to for the specification of the URIs.
-uri2 <scheme>://<username>[:<password>]@<host>:<port>
	A comma-seperated list of URIs that bminer should mine towards secondarily. It has the format of <scheme>://<username>[:<password>]@<host>:<port>. Please refer to for the specification of the URIs.
	Output version information and exit.
	Automatically restart to recover from hung GPUs. Bminer exits itself in case of errors if watchdog is disabled. (default true)


Are there alternatives to this program? Yes, for example:

  1. PhoenixMiner
  2. NBMiner
  3. Gminer
  4. TeamRedMiner
  5. LolMiner
  6. T-rex Miner


I would like to thank you for reading to the end. Bookmark my site in your browser. Happy mining.



  • Improve the performance of ETH mining in LHR mode;
  • Fix bugs in LHR mode;
  • Support Ethereum mining on AMD RDNA2 GPUs (e.g. 6700) (not working).


  • Improve the performance of ETH mining in LHR mode
  • Fix bugs in LHR mode



  • Improve the performance of Ethereum mining on Ampere GPUs.



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